Detritus Worms vs Planaria comparison chart

Detritus worms vs Planaria

Super Easy ! Detritus Worms vs Planaria. It is not Rocket Science.

Learn How-To Identify (with pictures) and Get Rid of Them using Traps, Live Fish or Chemicals.

Molly Fish

Molly Fish

Resistant and Easy to care for, the Molly fish is one of the most recommended species for beginner aquarists and fish tank lovers.

With many positive characteristics, it’s no surprise that Molly fish is so popular.

Oscar Fish - The Big Boy

Oscar Fish

They have many nicknames like “the big boy”, “Monster”, “the Giant”.  

You can probably figure out and create an image of this fantastic fish by reading these nicknames.

Fish Tank Cycle Chart

Cycling your aquarium

Dead fish, food scraps, fish urine, feces becomes Ammonia. High levels of Ammonia lead fish to death and it needs to be removed. Fortunately, specific bacteria can consume it. Learn about how to grow these bacteria so they will keep your Ammonia and Nitrite levels low.

Top 13 Easy-to-Grow Aquatic Plants

Top 13 Easy Grow Plants Aquarium

Check out our Top 13 Easy-to-Grow Aquatic Plants for your aquarium. They are Amazing and don’t need CO2, Strong Light or Special Soil.

Water Parameters - Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater Aquarium Water Parameters

The Ultimate Guide: 7 Critical Aquarium Water Parameters.
One of the most critical tasks that you must do to keep your aquarium clean and in good shape for your fish and shrimps is to take care of your water parameters.

Think about this: your fish stays all the time in your aquarium water. It’s like our oxygen! That’s how important the quality of your tank water is for their health.

Water Hardness Scale

Water Hardness

The hardness of your aquarium water can affect the health of your fish and invertebrates, which is why you should learn about it.
Learn about how to measure, reduce or raise your water hardness.

Low-Tech Planted Aquarium picture

Low Tech Planted Aquarium

There is a lot of talk about planted aquariums. Do I need fertile substrate? Special soil? Injected CO2 ? The truth is one can for sure have an aquarium with several plants and not need any of that. It is the so-called Low Tech Planted Aquarium.

Aquarium Glossary and Acronyms square image square

Aquarium Glossary and Acronyms

Complete list of Aquarium Hobby Acronyms and Terms. Use it to increase your Understanding and Talk to your colleagues at the Same Level

Steps to reduce your fish tank ammonia - smaller

Ammonia Fish Tank

Don’t Waste Time. Act Fast ! Reduce Your Aquarium’s Ammonia Level Immediately & Fix It Forever With These 6 Steps.

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